Friday, October 7, 2011

Fourth Post: Misses you

Woooo.... just three post in this six months??? I must be the worst blogger yet that has.

I have account in Google+, twitter and facebook (ofcourse).
I was addicted to facebook the most. You know chatting all the time, playing all the Zygner games and crazy cab. It was always fun to be in facebook. I got to check what were my friends upto. And the best was that i could always stay connected to almost all of my friend.

These days I am not using facebook. I use it very often. My girlfriend's laptop broke, so I gave her my laptop so that she can use it till she buys a new one. Since I use facebook like almost once or twice a week. And it is sometimes very boring.o be true don't you

But then there is something that I realised through it. No matter how many new people you meet, none deserves to be called a friend, including oneself. Because its always the fake personality that we show up in facebook. There are many people who shows the fake personality. I mean the person you meet is alys nice 24 x 7 and looks too prefect to be true don't you think?
But by a chance if you meet that person, one can experience the true bloody character.

The more we use facebook, the more we distant ourself from the reality of the world. There are lots of beautiful things that are happening around us than just meeting friends. How many of you have actualy looked at the moon? How many of you have actualy looked at the beautiful streak of clouds while sun is setting at the horizon? I bet you all have seen it in someone's facebook pictures. But did you experience yourself. If you want to, then just disconnect the internet for one moment and step outside and live the life like you are suppose to.

How many of you really know the names of your neighbour? (without nickname and not your farmville neighbours)
World is more beautiful than social sites. World has more things of miracles and mystery than just binaries datas being displayed at your screen. Take a look the tree. (not in google search, i am talking about real one).

Use facebook. Don't get Addicted. You are being Missed by the Real World!

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