Friday, October 7, 2011

Fourth Post: Misses you

Woooo.... just three post in this six months??? I must be the worst blogger yet that has.

I have account in Google+, twitter and facebook (ofcourse).
I was addicted to facebook the most. You know chatting all the time, playing all the Zygner games and crazy cab. It was always fun to be in facebook. I got to check what were my friends upto. And the best was that i could always stay connected to almost all of my friend.

These days I am not using facebook. I use it very often. My girlfriend's laptop broke, so I gave her my laptop so that she can use it till she buys a new one. Since I use facebook like almost once or twice a week. And it is sometimes very boring.o be true don't you

But then there is something that I realised through it. No matter how many new people you meet, none deserves to be called a friend, including oneself. Because its always the fake personality that we show up in facebook. There are many people who shows the fake personality. I mean the person you meet is alys nice 24 x 7 and looks too prefect to be true don't you think?
But by a chance if you meet that person, one can experience the true bloody character.

The more we use facebook, the more we distant ourself from the reality of the world. There are lots of beautiful things that are happening around us than just meeting friends. How many of you have actualy looked at the moon? How many of you have actualy looked at the beautiful streak of clouds while sun is setting at the horizon? I bet you all have seen it in someone's facebook pictures. But did you experience yourself. If you want to, then just disconnect the internet for one moment and step outside and live the life like you are suppose to.

How many of you really know the names of your neighbour? (without nickname and not your farmville neighbours)
World is more beautiful than social sites. World has more things of miracles and mystery than just binaries datas being displayed at your screen. Take a look the tree. (not in google search, i am talking about real one).

Use facebook. Don't get Addicted. You are being Missed by the Real World!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Third post

After my friends and relatives gave me positive comments, they wanted me to write more. Some wanted me to write about politically sensitive article, which I will not, mainly because I don't want there to be war. Sorry to disappoint you my friend.

I think its not fair to criticize something and try to change your opinion, without letting people know proper me. Well, following might look fake to some, or stupid, but it is truth.

I was in my 2nd standard. I was innocent then. I did not know how to difference bad from good. The only truth I had learned about was death. Yes, just death. I used to be as mischievous as any kid. We had no such thing as TV, so all of us, kids, used to play marbles and a game of chase and touch called "clap". That was our definition of fun. We living in such a location where the only development was getting 24 hours electricity. Sometimes the water taps used to dry up indefinitely. But mind you it was not the remotest place. That was how Bhutan was two decades ago. And all of us were equally poor. If you had VCR system, then that would make you the richest.

Any ways, one day we were told to bring crayon coloring pencils by our social studies teacher. So all of us brought except one guy, the guy who changed me for life. This guy was really poor. And by poor i mean really poor. His clothes was torn, faded badly and restitched many times. His shoes couldn't hide his toes (am not exaggerating.)

As i was saying he had not brought crayons; teacher told us to colour the pictures from our textbook and she went out. As the guy was scared and ashamed he couldn't tell our teacher that he had not brought his crayons. Therefor he started asking me and other guys if he could borrow, and being mischievous and selfish kids, we all refused.

Then as i was colouring, I saw him just sitting idly, with a face that I can never forget. The face which i can never describe. He looked so sorrowful. I just couldn't stand there. so i shared my crayons with him. And when I did, he was so happy. His sorrowful face now all cheered up and happy. He was happy to draw.

That day I realized, it always feel good to help someone. But more than that if we share this world, everyone will be happy. So my friends DON'T be selfish. If u see someone who also want something that you can share, just go up to them and share. I promise u, u will never regret.

Second post.

Why do people in South Asia have to ask, "What religion do you follow?". Because every time some one asks me that I don't know what to say, as South Asia is region where there are many rivalry among every religions.(also highest diversity of religion)

Seriously people, did Jesus Christ or Lord Vishnu or Lord Buddha ask us to follow them or their teaching?
I think all they did was teach us the value of life and told us to spread joy instead of cultivating hatred and war. How many of you have actually read in kuran or bible or any religion's holy book that "WE SHOULD AND MUST FOLLOW ONE RELIGION". All they say is not to spread hatred. And that is not what we do, we instead spread hatred in name of religion. Why do we need religion extremist is beyond my thought. Why can't we be brothers and sisters and value each religion instead of hating.

Why do people follow any religion? 
The answer will be to go to heaven instead of hell and be released from this cycle of death and rebirth and sufferings. but if you really want to go to heaven you don't have to follow any religion. All you need to do is be judgmental of you own action. Before you do anything judge your steps. If you think the action is good, then you are free of sins. If not, you are full of sins
Back in those days, people needed religion to could scare away those evil people from doing bad things. I think all of us are educated enough and enlightened enough to know what is good and what is bad.
Just do good thing and avoid doing bad, you will reach heaven after you die. You don't have to go to temples or churches to go to heaven. Just be good and do good to others.

Don't bring religion in war. It just ends in blood bath of someone's father or mother, son or daughter.

Love everyone equally, because world is not a pool of hatred.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Post

hi everyone.
This is going to be my first post. so before i kick off.. i would like say......................................................
"everyday i m shuffling..." hahaha ...well for those who did not get this, then i have a bad news for you. You have become the oldest person to live. 
well this is what is expected out of me. Outrageous  remarks about what i think is wrong and right. I like to live young and die young, and not live a serious and boring life.

So to begin, let me describe myself. 
My name is Avinash Pradhan, born on 30th May of 1989 in Jigme Dorji National Wangchuk National Referral Hospital, son of a police officer and a business woman. I have a younger brother, who is worst than me in choosing words. I have been brought up in Bhutan.

Currently I m studying Meds in Sri lanka. and believe me meds is not what i ever dreamt of doing. 
it just so happened that my star sign is Gemini, and it means I am a passionate lover. So I guess my star sign over ruled me. What i mean is that my girlfriend left bhutan and came to Sri lanka to study. and crazy lover that I am. I left my dreams and came running after her. Stupid or cute? I don't know and don't comment about it either. I am happy to be with her. so please don't judge me with that. And if you are wondering what my dream was, hmm..., it was to be first cosmologist from Bhutan. Like that is ever to happen eh?

And another interesting fact is that in my school days, i have studied in 10 schools. pretty interesting eh. or boring is it?

My last school was Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School. it was my best years of school life.
I currently have a dog and good apartment all to myself.

hmmm... I think I should leave at this and not reveal everything about myself on the very first date itself right? well I will try to see what i can write about second post. 
Till then please leave down some comments about what I should not write. and not what I should write.