Friday, July 15, 2011

Second post.

Why do people in South Asia have to ask, "What religion do you follow?". Because every time some one asks me that I don't know what to say, as South Asia is region where there are many rivalry among every religions.(also highest diversity of religion)

Seriously people, did Jesus Christ or Lord Vishnu or Lord Buddha ask us to follow them or their teaching?
I think all they did was teach us the value of life and told us to spread joy instead of cultivating hatred and war. How many of you have actually read in kuran or bible or any religion's holy book that "WE SHOULD AND MUST FOLLOW ONE RELIGION". All they say is not to spread hatred. And that is not what we do, we instead spread hatred in name of religion. Why do we need religion extremist is beyond my thought. Why can't we be brothers and sisters and value each religion instead of hating.

Why do people follow any religion? 
The answer will be to go to heaven instead of hell and be released from this cycle of death and rebirth and sufferings. but if you really want to go to heaven you don't have to follow any religion. All you need to do is be judgmental of you own action. Before you do anything judge your steps. If you think the action is good, then you are free of sins. If not, you are full of sins
Back in those days, people needed religion to could scare away those evil people from doing bad things. I think all of us are educated enough and enlightened enough to know what is good and what is bad.
Just do good thing and avoid doing bad, you will reach heaven after you die. You don't have to go to temples or churches to go to heaven. Just be good and do good to others.

Don't bring religion in war. It just ends in blood bath of someone's father or mother, son or daughter.

Love everyone equally, because world is not a pool of hatred.


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coolness...ur work is inspirational...:)keep posting.

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