Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Post

hi everyone.
This is going to be my first post. so before i kick off.. i would like say......................................................
"everyday i m shuffling..." hahaha ...well for those who did not get this, then i have a bad news for you. You have become the oldest person to live. 
well this is what is expected out of me. Outrageous  remarks about what i think is wrong and right. I like to live young and die young, and not live a serious and boring life.

So to begin, let me describe myself. 
My name is Avinash Pradhan, born on 30th May of 1989 in Jigme Dorji National Wangchuk National Referral Hospital, son of a police officer and a business woman. I have a younger brother, who is worst than me in choosing words. I have been brought up in Bhutan.

Currently I m studying Meds in Sri lanka. and believe me meds is not what i ever dreamt of doing. 
it just so happened that my star sign is Gemini, and it means I am a passionate lover. So I guess my star sign over ruled me. What i mean is that my girlfriend left bhutan and came to Sri lanka to study. and crazy lover that I am. I left my dreams and came running after her. Stupid or cute? I don't know and don't comment about it either. I am happy to be with her. so please don't judge me with that. And if you are wondering what my dream was, hmm..., it was to be first cosmologist from Bhutan. Like that is ever to happen eh?

And another interesting fact is that in my school days, i have studied in 10 schools. pretty interesting eh. or boring is it?

My last school was Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School. it was my best years of school life.
I currently have a dog and good apartment all to myself.

hmmm... I think I should leave at this and not reveal everything about myself on the very first date itself right? well I will try to see what i can write about second post. 
Till then please leave down some comments about what I should not write. and not what I should write.


seema said...

awesome work buddy! and i still can't believe u changed 10 schools!!!!!

Sweta Giri said...

:) thanks for coming :)
Keep writing!